5 Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset

Written by: Melissa

Happy Weekend Modern Guys and Gals!

We all know that life can be so busy and so stressful! It’s just too easy to slip into complaining and negative thinking, but it is rarely helpful to do so. Here are some easy ways to keep going in a positive direction.

1. Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Take a few minutes when waking up to read something inspiring. This should come first before checking email, Facebook, or the news.

2. Give Thanks

Think of, or write down, 3-10 things you are grateful for. For a challenge, try not to repeat any for a while. You can also use your gratitude journal for writing down your goals.  Writing down your goals is a great way to keep them in the top of your mind which helps you to see new opportunities, and become inspired to work towards them.

3. Hang Out With Positive People

Everyone needs a little vent now and again, but some people are chronic complainers. This can zap your energy and leave you feeling grumpy yourself.  Surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you feel good!

4.  Shake Your Booty!

Yes, seriously! Move your body. Some exercise each day will keep both your body and mind healthy and thriving. As a bonus, combine exercise with listening to your favorite music!

5.  Take a Break

Finally, and most importantly, make some time for you!  You know the old saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? Make time once a month to treat yourself to a facial. The quiet time will relax your mind, and the confidence from your new glow will fight off any negative energy that tries to creep your way.

These small changes can add up to a happier you! What do you do to stay positive?

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