Brenda Mueller


As the owner of "Clearly You", Brenda understands that each of us has a unique story behind our skin and treats each client with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Brenda of Clearly You offers the most experienced tattoo removal services in the Chippewa Valley. One of our team's most versatile providers, Brenda offers a broad range of services including electrolysis, waxing, skin tag removal, pigmented lesion (dark spot) removal, vein/blood vessel removal, and laser tattoo removal treatments. Brenda loves the options that the cosmetic laser industry affords her clients to feel more confident about their appearances and themselves.

A certified laser skin treatment provider and a licensed electrologist, Brenda has worked with hundreds of clients in the Chippewa Valley. She was one of the first providers of tattoo removal services in Eau Claire. In turn, she works hand-in-hand with many tattoo artists to either lighten or completely clear their work to make room for new tattoo art. She has immense respect for the talent and skill that go into this craft and believes there is a personal story behind each tattoo, thus making the occasion of its removal all the more meaningful.

Brenda is a self-proclaimed addict of removing things that drive people nuts about their skin's appearance. She can often be heard lamenting with clients over "that darn dark spot," or "that one little blood vessel on my nose," or "those pesky chin hairs!" Brenda appreciates the impact these small things can have on a person's overall confidence and finds it immensely rewarding to partner with you in the process of making your skin clearly what you want it to be.

Most importantly, Brenda wants her clients to feel comfortable and safe with her. She has devoted years to her training and credentials to bring you the safest and most effective treatments possible. Brenda is also passionate about continuing education and believes that the more advanced in her training she becomes, the more comfortable and relaxed you will feel with her. She respects that trust in your provider is earned, not given.

Like the rest of her team at Harmony Wellness Collective, Brenda recognizes the empowerment that comes with looking your best. It's a feeling that transcends to the inside and radiates to the outside. She is overjoyed to be working with a group of women who share this common mindset and approach to beauty.

When you can't find Brenda sporting her super fashionable laser goggles while removing tattoos at Clearly You within Harmony Wellness Collective, you will find her in the throes of enjoying her new grandma status (x2)! She relishes any and all time she gets to spend with her two grandsons. Brenda is also married to a wonderful man with whom she shares two incredible children and a son-in-law. Like so many of us, she is a total animal lover as well and divides what remains of her time enjoying the gorgeous outdoors of the Chippewa Valley with her two horses and two dogs!

Brenda Mueller ClearlyYou
Ocean A+ Certified Saline Tattoo Removal

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Licensed Electrologist

Certified Laser Clinician

Certified Laser Hair Removal Clinician

Certified in Tissue Thermocoagulation

Certified Laser Safety Officer

Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist

Certified in Ocean A+ Saline Tattoo Removal Method

Certified in Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling Collagen Induction Therapy

Permanent Cosmetics Tattoo Removal Specialist

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