It’s Not a Facial. It’s a HydraFacial®!

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, no downtime procedure that can deliver serious results AND leave your skin with a gorgeous glow, look no further than HydraFacial! This multi-tasking treatment has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years due to its ability to treat and improve virtually any skin concern, including acne, sun damage, fine lines, and more! Here are five reasons why HydraFacial goes way beyond the benefits of your average facial.


#1 – Getting a HydraFacial is like having four treatments in a single service!

Although a HydraFacial feels fantastic and leaves your skin looking positively luminous, it also gets RESULTS. Each step of your treatment is customized precisely to what your skin needs.

Step One:  All HydraFacials begin with a deep cleaning and resurfacing phase. The innovative wand used in HydraFacial has a triple action tip called the Vortex™. It has a spiral pattern at the end that simultaneously removes dirt, oil, dead skin, and debris from your skin’s surface while saturating it with a deep, pore-refining cleanser.

Step Two:  The next step of your HydraFacial utilizes a very light chemical peel to soften and loosen impactions inside of your pores for extraction. The blended peel also helps boost your skin’s vibrancy, clear current breakouts, and prevent future ones!

Step Three: Blackheads are no match for HydraFacial! After the light chemical peel has been applied and goes to work, your provider will use a special wand tip that allows her to painlessly extract blackheads and skin congestion with light vacuum suction. At the same time, pores are flushed with an antibacterial solution that helps kill bacteria deep inside of pores and improve your skin’s clarity.




Step Four:  The last step of your HydraFacial is all about customization and hydration. Special boosters may be used in HydraFacial to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, aging skin, and dehydrated skin. These specialized serums are infused deep within the skin so they can be absorbed and go to work clearing acne, brightening your complexion, and smoothing and firming your skin! The finishing touch of HydraFacial is a super hydrating infusion of nourishing botanicals, age-defying peptides, and corrective antioxidants that leave your skin dewy and with a gorgeous glow that lasts for days!


#2 – EVERYONE can benefit from HydraFacial.

No matter your skin type, skin condition, or skin color – your HydraFacial can be customized, so it’s the perfect match for your skin and your goals! Some of the conditions that HydraFacial can address are:

  • Acne, oily skin, congested skin, blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores
  • Hyperpigmentation, hormonal pigmentation, sun damage, dark spots
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, loss of firmness
  • Facial flushing, rosacea
  • Dehydration, dry skin


#3 – Never fear extractions again with HydraFacial!

Have you ever had a facial during which your skin therapist used their fingers or a metal implement to painfully extract blackheads from your nose, chin, or forehead? Were you left with red marks or bruising? Fear not – HydraFacial makes extractions painless!

Not only is your skin thoroughly prepped for extraction with a softening solution, but the vacuum-assisted technique your provider uses easily dislodges debris and dead skin cells from pores. Plus, you get to view what’s extracted in the discard chamber after your service. (Soooo satisfying!)


#4 – Your busy schedule will LOVE HydraFacial.

Forget about booking a 90-minute facial at a spa that feels great but doesn’t get you the results you want. The average HydraFacial takes only 30 minutes to execute and is customized to your unique concerns and goals to ensure you see visible improvements. If you have a hectic work/life balance and need treatments that pack a punch in a short amount of time, HydraFacial is it! Schedule one every two to four weeks to address a specific skin concern or every four to eight weeks to maintain gorgeous skin year-round.


#5 – HydraFacial makes you glow like a PRO!

If you’re familiar with HydraFacial already, it’s probably because of the thousands of people who post their “Post HydraFacial Glow” on social media. HydraFacial does such an amazing job at exfoliating and hydrating the surface of your skin that it literally radiates health and vitality after your treatment. Your complexion is left plump, dewy, smooth, and glowing for days. This makes HydraFacial the perfect treatment to schedule before special events when you want your skin looking its absolute BEST.


Ready to become a HydraFacial “Glow Getter?” Learn more about each service by CLICKING HERE. Schedule a HydraFacial with Melissa or Brenda by CLICKING HERE or calling (715) 514-2672.

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