As the owner of "Perfect 10 Teeth Whitening & Spray Tanning", Jenny helps people put their most confident smile forward by delivering the whitest and brightest teeth possible.


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Let’s face it - your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. The health and appearance of your smile plays crucial role in the first impression you make on the world and people around you.

At Perfect 10 Teeth Whitening & Spray Tanning of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, our goal is to spread smiles across the Chippewa Valley and BEYOND! Our promise to you is that we will work relentlessly to offer the best advanced teeth whitening products that are affordable and safe so you will always have that whiter brighter smile you deserve!

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The idea of making people feel more confident in the appearance of their smile is what initially drew Jenny Shankey, the owner of Perfect 10 Teeth Whitening & Spray Tanning of Eau Claire, to the teeth whitening industry. Cosmetic teeth whitening has quickly become one of the most popular treatments in the United States. In fact, Oral-B released a study that found that people are perceived as 20% more attractive with a whiter smile. Jenny became so impassioned with this idea that she is now the owner of Perfect 10 Teeth Whitening & Spray Tanning within Harmony Wellness.

After experiencing the results of professional teeth whitening herself and the impact it had on her self-esteem, Jenny knew she wanted to be a part of this industry. She loves to see the look on clients’ faces when they first look in the mirror after a treatment. For many, they haven’t seen that glowing or white of a smile since childhood! Jenny was so excited when the opportunity arose to purchase her own clinic where she could extend the reach of these smiles across the entire Chippewa Valley.

Jenny prides herself on being friendly, down-to-earth, and a perfectionist when it comes to obtaining great results for her clients. She sets up realistic expectations and values educating you about the process of teeth whitening. She loves that this service has become so quick and affordable for clients as it allows her to reach more people and touch their lives through their smiles.

Harmony Wellness - Perfect 10 Teeth Whit

Sharing the mindset of the rest of the team at Harmony Wellness, Jenny believes in the power of appearance to make people feel more confident in their lives. A yellow smile can dramatically affect someone’s self-esteem, and she is so excited to reach more of this population and generate positive change for them.

When you can’t find Jenny at Perfect 10 Teeth Whitening & Spray Tanning giving people their whitest and brightest smiles EVER, you’ll find her being a true Sconie! She loves four-wheeling, hunting, and fishing with her family. She is a true outdoors girl through and through.

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