5 Things You Might Be Doing This Weekend to Harm Your Skin

Hello Modern Guys and Gals,

It’s Friday and you know what that means…The weekend is here! The weekend is a great time to relax, let loose, or just catch up on sleep. The weekend is also the time when many of us get out of our normal routines. And, while it can be a nice change of pace, we might be causing damage to our skin without realizing it. Are you doing any of these things that could harm your skin?

1. Sleeping in Your Makeup

I know, I know, you came home a little later than you had planned and your bed is calling your name. It’s tempting to head straight to bed and crawl under those warm covers…but don’t! Sleeping in your makeup can lead to clogged pores, which can cause acne and breakouts. It also dries out your skin, which can lead to wrinkles. Your skin needs time to breathe, recover, and produce natural cell turnover, and it can’t do any of that while it’s covered in makeup. In addition, sleeping in mascara can put you at risk for eye infections or damaged eyelashes, and who doesn’t want those long beautiful lashes? Hey, we’ve all been there, so if you’ve fallen asleep in your makeup once or twice it’s not a big deal, but don’t let it become your normal routine.

2. Not Drinking Enough Water

It’s easy to remember your sips while you’re at your desk, but it’s a little harder when you’re out of your weekday routine. We know your summer weekend is jam-packed with activities. Or, maybe, you're lucky enough to travel or sleep in — what’s that like? — We get it, you’re busy, and water probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. But, water keeps all of the parts of your body functioning at their best, including your skin. You can check out this post for more information. The bottom line is that drinking water keeps your skin looking better. It reduces acne, wrinkles, and helps you maintain a healthy glow.

3. Poor Food Choices

Have you ever heard the old wives' tale that fried food causes acne? Well, rel

ax, it’s just that--an old wives’ tale. Many factors contribute to acne, but fried food alone is not one of them. Chances are, you won’t break out from one greasy meal. However, “you are what you eat” IS a true statement, and an unhealthy diet can take its toll on your skin. Fried foods can lead to clogged arteries, high cholesterol, and poor blood circulation. Your skin depends on blood flow for oxygen and nutrients. When your skin doesn’t get enough of these it loses collagen and elastin, the things that keep it looking youthful. Here at Modern Aesthetics, family dinners out are one of our favorite activities. We know how tempting it can be to indulge at a restaurant. And, while it’s fine here and there, don’t let it become a habit.

4. Alcohol

That brings us to wine…Our other favorite weekend activity! However, alcohol dehydrates the skin, which means it can make your skin less plump. It also wreaks havoc on your liver,

the organ responsible for detoxifying your body. Toxins that aren’t properly flushed out of your body can manifest on your face as dull, lifeless, and aged skin. Further, many drinks are mixed with sugary sodas or juices, which are just as bad for your skin. Sugar increases insulin and can lead to inflammation, acne, and wrinkles. We’re certainly not going to keep you from responsibly enjoying a drink from time to time, but be aware that overdoing it can harm your skin.

5. Too Much Sun

If you’ve been cooped up inside all week it can be tempting to spend your weekend worshipping

the sun. Aside from sunburn, we see several other effects of the sun. In fact, the sun is one of the biggest causes of premature aging. Sun damage can lead to deeper wrinkles and reduced resilience. Sun exposure increases melanin and creates that beautiful bronzed look, but as you age, your body can start producing melanin unevenly. This shows up as uneven pigmentation, like those pesky brown spots. The worst part is that sun damage doesn’t always show up immediately, it could take years to see its effects. We think it’s great to spend time in the sun, but a temporary tan is not worth years of damage. Please use your sunscreen.

At Modern Aesthetics, we think it’s great to break away from your day to day routine, but don’t let that extend to your skincare. If you simply must do something different, do something positive, like treating yourself to a relaxing facial. Now, it’s your turn. What are the Modern Guys and Gals up to this weekend? Drop us a comment and tell us your plans!

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