Product Spotlight: I Tried Rezenerate® and There Was Nothing "Nano" About the Results

Hi Modern Guys and Gals,

It's Maria Kane and I'm Melissa's sister. I'm back to share another one of my first-hand experiences with one of my new favorite services at Modern Aesthetics. I love helping my sister out with her blog, but more importantly, I love giving my skin a little pampering.

Since our dermaplaning session went so well, Melissa asked me to try another service that she offers, Rezenerate®. I’m a skin care addict and I’m not easy to impress, but naturally, I was curious about this new facial. A quick Google search told me that the internet was already buzzing about it! I was eager to try this service that claimed to leave me with the skin of a goddess. Ok, maybe they didn’t say exactly that, but I DID hear that it provided amazing results. I just had to experience it for myself.

What is Rezenerate® and What Does it Do?

Rezenerate® is one of the newest and most innovative technologies in the skin care industry. It uses cutting edge NanoTechnology to deliver the ultimate results for your skin. As someone who loves new technology, almost as much as I new skincare products, this got my attention.

Is Rezenerate® Microneedling?

The tools might appear similar, but this is NOT the same as microneedling. Microneedling crosses the line from cosmetic procedure and ventures into a medical one. It involves creating small punctures in the skin with teeny-tiny needles. These punctures cause your body to think that your skin is injured, which increases cell turnover and collagen flow to the area as the body tries to “repair” itself. It sounds scary, and it can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s actually a pretty effective procedure…But, it's not what we're talking about today.

How Rezenerate® is Different

Rezenerate® differs from microneedling in a few ways. First, this is a cosmetic procedure, not a medical one. This facial uses a wand that creates small perforations in the skin, but there are no needles. Instead, the wand contains “Nano Pyramids.” The Nano Pyramids are strategically designed to meet what the Rezenerate® brand calls “The Golden Ratio”. In other words, the pyramids’ structure, placement, and speed work together to deliver the products to your skin with maximum effectiveness and without compromising your skin’s integrity. Bam! NanoTechnology!

Another thing that makes this so revolutionary is that the wand is designed to work with any skin care line. We were able to use the same products that I already knew and loved. This was a huge benefit for me because I’m picky about which products I put on my skin. It also meant that my facial could be customized to meet my skin’s needs, giving my skin the exact nutrients it was lacking. For me, this meant targeting my dark spots, uneven skin tone, and fine lines. Other clients may have different results, but overall, this facial is great for:

  • Reducing under eye puffiness

  • Increasing hydration

  • Diminishing dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines

  • Treating skin blemishes

That's the beauty of this facial, it's so customizable. Melissa mixes a special cocktail of serums to tackle your individual skin concerns. Then, she uses the wand to apply these products deep into your skin, allowing them to be more effectively absorbed than a topical application....Bam! NanoTechnology!

What's the Catch?

This is the part where I usually include a side effects warning, but Rezenerate® really doesn’t need one. It’s non-invasive and pain free. Some clients might experience a little pinkness or peeling, similar to a minor sunburn, but I didn’t. I didn’t have any down time after my service and I was able to wear makeup that same day, although I didn’t need it! I left the salon with glowing skin that looked and felt healthy and beautiful. And, my skin stayed that way until my next appointment a few weeks later

I don’t think I’ve fangirled this hard over a new technology since the iPhone X came out, and that did nothing for my skin! You can’t blame me though, it’s hard not to be impressed with something that works this well. This is a facial that can give you medical grade results in a non-invasive procedure. But, you don't have take my word for it. I want to know what you guys think. Tell me, would you try Rezenerate®?


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