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Bounce Back Skin


Your skin is beyond resilient, but the world will sometimes put it to the test. Restoration that’s both simple and incredibly powerful is within reach.

Designed for use post-procedure such as after laser treatments or chemical peels, this ointment-based Squalane Gel helps to keep skin hydrated and moist as well as protected.

Squalane is an excellent moisturizer and comforting lubricant that softens and smooths the skin. This formulation uses Squalane derived from the first cold pressing of olives making it very pure and beneficial for the skin.

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Apply to clean skin as needed.

Squalene, Petrolatum.

Helps to occlude lesions or sensitive areas such as lips, corners of the nose, and eye area prior to the application of professional peeling solutions.

Excellent to use on chapped lips, cracked skin, or areas that may become chafed from extreme environments, including mask-wearing.

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