Reduce Redness & Make Broken Blood Vessels Disappear with BBL™

Are you tired of constantly looking embarrassed or like you’ve just completed a 5-mile run in the cold because of chronic facial redness and flushing? Is your morning makeup routine consumed by covering pesky, little broken blood vessels around your nose with concealer? If so, it may be time to discuss BroadBand Light (BBL) treatments with a Harmony Wellness Certified Laser Technician, like Brenda Mueller!

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), over 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, diffuse facial redness, or chronic flushing of their skin. These conditions are physically uncomfortable and can also be emotionally trying for sufferers, especially when flare-ups are frequent. Someone who battles facial redness can feel as calm and cool as a cucumber but still mistakenly communicate to those around them that they are upset or exerted due to their redness.

Broken facial vessels can be equally distressing. They often appear around the nose, upper cheeks, and chin but can also grace the rest of our face with their unwanted presence. The blueish, deep purple tinge of broken vessels can make them exceedingly difficult to cover with makeup. To make matters worse, broken vessels can also make us appear older than we are and distract away from our best features.

BBL™ by Sciton lasers is a highly effective, clinically proven, and safe procedure that can dramatically reduce facial redness and flushing, even with those diagnosed with rosacea. BBL™ can also make annoying facial vessels and other small vascularities virtually disappear with a powerful pulse of light!


What exactly is BBL™?

BroadBand Light, or BBL™, harnesses the power of light to safely treat a multitude of skin concerns virtually anywhere on your body, including skin discolorations, sun damage, brown spots, facial redness, broken blood vessels, and cherry angiomas. During a BBL treatment, a broad range of light is emitted from a handpiece and narrowed into a single wavelength of light which is then directed onto the skin. This wavelength can be customized to treat your specific skin concern and adjusted by your provider to treat excess skin pigment (sun damage/hyperpigmentation) or hemoglobin in blood vessels to treat facial redness and rosacea.

How does BBL™ treat facial redness and broken blood vessels?

Your provider can adjust the settings of your BBL treatment to target the hemoglobin in the blood, as opposed to pigment. Small vessels shut down or collapse once treated with a pulse from the laser. With repeated treatment, the reduction in the blood supply to these hyperactive vessels will steadily decrease facial redness and flare-ups. BBL improves the clarity and overall appearance of the skin and the health of the vessel supply that lies beneath the surface.

Small, broken blood vessels and cherry angiomas (little red polka dot vascularities commonly found on the face and trunk of the body) will immediately turn grey and collapse with a pulse of BBL. They will gradually disappear over 7-10 days. Stubborn, persistent vessels may need more than one treatment until 100% clarity is achieved.

It’s important to note that any conditions that involve vascularities need to be maintained. Rosacea is a disease with no definitive cure at this time, but it CAN be effectively managed with lifestyle modifications, topicals, and treatments like BBL! In turn, it’s advisable to stay in touch with your Harmony Wellness provider and map out a plan to keep redness under control and broken blood vessels at bay all year round!


Would you like to reduce the redness of your face or clean up the pesky broken blood vessels around your nose? Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss BBL™ with Brenda or Melissa at Harmony Wellness by calling (715) 514-2672 or CLICKING HERE.



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